THS Yearbooks on Sale!


Buy Your THS YEARBOOK Today!!


The time has come to buy yearbooks.  This year, yearbook sales will be completed online. There is a link for you to do this. You will enter your student’s name and select features you would like.  For example, you may want a yearbook with nothing extra, that price is $60. This price will increase to $65 on March 4.


Here is the link:


If you would like to add a name to the yearbook, the link above will allow for that AND there are other items like icons you may select as well. Those are $5 each, added to the book price.  Those options will no longer be options after March 3rd. 

If you already purchased a SENIOR AD or a CORPORATE AD, the layout and design for that is up to you and there was a link sent to your email to do that work. When you are done, you must “submit”.


The Deadline to “Submit” your ad is March 1.  You may still purchase Ads if you like, all Ad deadlines remain March 1.


If you have questions, please email Andrew Knudsen (Yearbook advisor)

Thank you for supporting your student with this special keepsake that will last for a lifetime.