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AIA Modifications:

All students, coaches and sideline/dugout personnel will be required to wear a cloth mask, disposable non-surgical mask, or gaiter for the entirety of a game/contest. Mesh masks do not meet this requirement.

Exception: students while actively participating in the contest. Example: BASE/SB players on the field, batting or on base may remove their mask. Masks must be worn by all while in the dugout.

Each school will complete the AIA COVID-19 Athlete/Coach Monitoring Form the day of all games/contests and provide a copy to the opposing school prior to the contest. 

Spectator attendance is at the discretion of the home school.(See below)

Anyone who attends spring sports events is required to wear a face covering for the entirety of the contest.


Exception: students & officials actively participating in the game/contest.



Thatcher Specific Modifications:

Baseball/Softball/Tennis: Spectators are encouraged to bring chairs in order to follow social distancing requirements. If sitting in the stands, families may sit together. All Spectators are required to wear a mask at all school sponsored athletic events.

Golf/Track: Thatcher spectators should follow the mitigation plans of the host school/course. Thatcher fans should obtain this information prior to attending any away contest.

Sports Schedule

 Wednesday, 3/24

   JV & Varsity  Baseball & Varsity Softball @ Willcox - JV game @ 2:00 pm, Varsity games @ 4:00 pm

 Thursday, 3/25

    Baseball & Softball @ Snowflake 1/2:30/3:30/4:30pm

    Golf @ Home 3pm

 Friday, 3/26

    Track @ Mogollon 10:30am

    Boys Tennis host Safford 3;30pm

    Girls Tennis @ Safford 3:30pm


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